Heaven on Earth State of Mind this week

September 30, 2014

Sept 29th thru Oct 5th 2014

How to reach/maintain your Heaven on Earth state of mind this week:

Your angels are asking you acknowledge all the wonderful growth you have experienced in the past few weeks even not to mention if you look back at the few past years.. See the transformation in your thoughts, emotions, and in your entire life. This period of growth continues now and it is time to go even deeper into the spiritual awareness. Your soul is calling you for even deeper changes now.

Connect with the world around you, with trees, flowers, stars above and breath in fresh air deeply into your cells.... The changes within are challenging you and perhaps you feel out of your comfort zone for a while. However, when you allow your yourself to experience that discomfort of releasing and change, you’ll see that's where the magic happens! You will emerge from this period with a renewed sense of your own divine essence and your souls agenda.
With this time of reflection and intuition.. pay attention to what you feel in the heart and let your divinity shine through. Look for ways to express your creativity... it is your divine essence to be creative. Problems in your life may need a creative solutions and also you may need to use imagination and creativity to resolve anything that is unbalanced, as well as manifesting your hearts desires.

While you are called to reach a higher level of awareness and using your Godly gifts to create an amazing life … angels are asking that you take care of your physical body as well. Your body needs your love and attention. Its your vehicle on Earth and it speaks to you when you just listen. Pay attention to what your body wants you to know, what needs to change... is it your diet? Does your body ask you to Eat more green vegetables, or let go of dairy products for example? Listen to your intuition and your body... Do you sleep enough? Do you give your body enough oxygen by spending time outside? Ask your body what it needs to the answers will come to you. Make sure to love your body, be thankful for it and know that your body is a wonderful vehicle that your soul has chosen for this life journey. It is lovable... and so are you... Think only loving thoughts about your body as this will help your body heal and restore its full health and vitality.

Blessings, Anu Shi Asta

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