The #1 KEY to self-confidence (it’s so simple!)

January 27, 2021

Thunder filled my ears as my body became utterly paralyzed. 

I wasn’t struck down by lightning, I was just in front of a grade school class not giving a presentation.

My nervous, sweaty hands shuck the paper like crazy and I thought, “This is it, I guess I have to give up on that dream.”

I had always wanted to be a speaker. In just that one moment, I wrote it off as impossible. 

In front of my peers, I was sure I was going to die or at least faint, how would I ever get on stage in front of the hundreds and even thousands of people I dreamed of speaking to?

This is what a lack of self-confidence can do; it can rob us of the dreams that are rightfully ours, and that we are perfectly designed to manifest. 

What dream have you given up on because you haven’t had the confidence to pursue it? 

Is it the soulmate love that you feel you’re not good enough to have? Or the dream job you never even put in an application for?

You see, those dreams you doubt are waiting for you

They won’t be delivered at your doorstep. 

You only need to take one step and the universe will give you a mile. 

Years later that embarrassing presentation in grade school I started college. I was forced to face my fear of public speaking again and decided that this time, it would have to be different. I wasn’t going to suffer any longer. 

As I practiced, I found that I actually enjoyed speaking. My voice and my message began to emerge. 

I never knew that my entire career would be birthed from that decision. Allowing myself to make mistakes as I took action is what grew my self-confidence.

The key to your self-confidence will be making it through the mistakes, too.

You are Crystalline in your core. You have everything you need. You are a divine goddess. 

As we head into Mercury Retrograde this week, remember that this is a sacred time of reconnecting. Reach out to people who are your soul family who will encourage you and hold a high vibration of support around your dreams. 

If you don’t have a soul family yet, I invite you to join me inside of my FREE Facebook Community, the Crystalline Goddess where you can share your fears and what dreams you are reclaiming. We would love to celebrate with you.

Here’s a link to join the group. Don’t forget to post, introduce yourself, and share so we can welcome you!

Confidence loves company. 

With Grace,


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