The Sacred Work that Kept Me Out of a Job for 15 Years

May 19, 2021

For the last 15 years I haven’t had a job…

And during that time I’ve:

  • Helped thousands of people around the world
  • Fulfilled my dream of living by the ocean
  • Given my two sons a beautiful upbringing
  • Created over $1M of wealth

How did I do it?

Through the most magical career on the planet.

One with unlimited potential for wealth, abundance, spiritual growth, and satisfaction. 

I’m talking about my Lightwork!

The life you can create for yourself through Lightwork is truly incredible. While you expand your own conscious wealth, you can be helping others to heal, manifest, and make their own dreams come true. 

From morning to night I live and breathe Lightwork and I can’t imagine a better way to earn an income.

With things in the world changing so rapidly, people are looking for ways to more deeply understand themselves, create inner healing, and improve their lives in the face of uncertainty. There’s never been a better time to be offering sacred services and providing Lightwork as a spiritual entrepreneur. This work is a vehicle for freedom and a channel for joy, love, and light. 

We are creating a new world full of new ways to live and make a living.

How would it feel for you to spend hours at ‘work’ doing something meaningful while making great money? Lightwork is a real profession and anyone — including you — can be very successful with it.

There’s no catch, just your divine calling waiting for you to answer.

Let me tell you about two of my students who both started their Lightwork businesses in one of my programs.

Julia had been dreaming about doing spiritual work, healing, and Lightwork for others for quite some time. Her biggest obstacle was not knowing how she could do it. 

When she came across my Crystalline Lightworker Training, she jumped right in. Not long after she began offering her Lightwork sessions, she landed a position with a TV station to do psychic readings making $250+ per hour for her work! At the same time, she launched her Angel Light Hypnosis and healing workshops.

Now, Julia is loving her Lightwork career.

Henna came to work with me after her 9 to 5 job had drained her of her joy and zest for life. She knew she wanted something different. Initially, Henna and I were doing Angel Light Hypnosis sessions for her personal healing. She started talking about a potential career change and then took a leap of faith and began her Lightwork business after taking my training. 

Today Henna is one of Finland’s leading Lightworkers and she’s having six figure launches one after another. 

Lightwork is a true, lucrative career — not just meditation all day and prayers for the Earth (though those are important, too). If you’re feeling a nudge to learn more, keep your eyes open for my next free workshop that is coming up soon. 

This is possible for you. 

You can become self-sufficient and independent from the corporate world. 

You can EMBODY your job, BE your own boss, and create a simple, sustainable, and sacred business. 

You can ascend into your Lightwork calling, one step at a time.

I believe in you, 


P.S. Join me inside of the Crystalline Goddess Facebook group where you’ll find more inspiration, free trainings, and angelic messages weekly to begin your Lightworker journey.

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