The secret source of money that you haven’t discovered yet...

January 20, 2021

Hello Gorgeous Goddess!

I’ve just wrapped up my Divine Money Manifesting class with my Golden Goddesses in the Crystalline Lightworker Training. My cells are still vibrating in this abundant frequency and I wanted to send this transmission to you today, too! 

So many of us have old paradigms that create unnecessary money drama in our lives. It’s time to take an honest look at how they’re holding you back. 

Your conditioned thoughts from the past reinforce a 3rd dimensional way of relating to money. When you think that it isn’t spiritual for us to have money, hold the belief that money is the source of all evil, and even repeat cliche phrases like “money doesn’t grow on trees” you practice relating to money in a way that is filled with lack and scarcity. 

It is my sheer JOY to let you in on this secret...there is a MUCH more free and divine way of experiencing the flow of money. The good news is that the flow does NOT start with your boss or your starts with YOU, and you are the one person you can shift, change, and open up to truly divine abundance. 

Take just 12 minutes today and soak every cell of your being in this energetic transmission with me, love! Join me in this video [or keep reading below] as I talk about exactly how to activate your own divine money frequency. 

Past paradigms and programming of your thoughts will have you believe that money is something earthy and unspiritual. Have you been taught that money is all about greed and getting ahead in the world? Have you seen money used politically and violently in the world? 

Let’s dig into this old, limiting paradigm and create a new perspective. 

Acknowledging that money has been such a source of suffering in your life is the first step. There have been times in almost everyone’s life where there wasn’t enough money for the basic necessities of life or where we felt manipulated by our need for money. 

If you hang on to the scarcity thoughts that you experienced in those times of struggle with money, you will find yourself constantly worrying about money. These struggles lead to guilt about making money from making people happy and doing spiritually prosperous work in the world! With that energy in your body and energy field you will stop the flow of money in your life — you are not in oneness with the universe!

The universe and all of the angels want you to prosper and be rich! 

It’s important for you to really know that money doesn’t have the power to make you happy. The vibration of happiness comes from choice and doing the inner work...but being poor and in scarcity certainly has a direct correlation with feeling miserable and fearful about life!

Take a moment to really start to look at your vibration around money. Ask yourself these questions:

What is money, really?

Where do I believe money comes from?

The perspective I have adopted around money is that money absolutely IS divine. Money is a divine tool for us to live rich, healthy lives while we have this physical experience on Earth. 

We are ascending and becoming crystalline! 

This means that we can truly embody the NEW money frequency where money actually comes from within!

When you allow this divine abundant energy to come into existence and into your cells it will activate your DNA with light, and every cell will be able to drink up this new energy!

As this transformation starts within you, right now, money in the collective consciousness also has a transformation and ascension!

In the 5th dimension I see money as a divine, crystalline, golden sparkle of energy.

Every time I pay my bills or purchase something I see this prosperous shimmering energy around the paper bills, check, or electronic payment. I see the divine energy coming down into me and through me from source, from the divine, and flowing through me to this other person or place that is providing something of value to me. 

When you allow money to come from inside of you, from divine source, you become one with that energy. Whenever you think about it, whenever money comes to you, whenever money goes out from you, it is pure and divine.

The truth about money is that what you earn doesn’t come from your boss or from your clients. Money comes from divine source, and you are the vessel and the channel for that money — if you allow yourself to be.

Allow the universe to take care of you so that you can be of service to others. 

Letting this shift occur will open you up to exploring your creative side. From this new frequency you can stop worrying about having to work SO hard for the money you make. The cycle of having to earn from struggle is a scarcity paradigm that no longer exists when you fully embody that you are the source of money. 

As we do this work collectively to raise our frequency we’ll find that we connect with higher levels of thinking. This will set us free!

Ultimately, this shift has nothing to do with the physical money. Right now, money is just neutral.

In ancient Atlantis, there was a harmony of giving and receiving in trade that tuned everyone in to the flow of exchange. Their gold and silver was not about taking, lacking, or anyone being valued above another person because of the amount of ‘money’ they had. 

As we rise above money in this ancient Atlantean way, we can really allow ourselves to grow financially. 

You can now ascend beyond your current situation and imagine that the money you desire is already there. If you hate money, if you think it’s bad, then it’s going to run away and fast!

Bless your money and be thankful that it is already here!

Bathe in that beautiful crystalline frequency. Imagine being in the golden vibration of money as a divine tool. Your money is already on the way.

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