The secret to shifting out of the old work & money paradigm

March 17, 2021

Hello Gorgeous Lightworker!

With the constantly changing economy, stay at home orders, and brick and mortar businesses struggling, it’s undeniable that we aren’t going back to ‘normal.’ 

The fact is, the new normal is what it is. There’s no going back. And we don’t know what normal is going to be in the future!

You might be wondering, where on earth does that leave us then?!

Creating our own, New Earth!

I’m seeing an even deeper change happening right now that is taking us into New Earth paradigms. Not just in where we work, but in how we work and make money. 

This is a total transformation of our point of view.

Right now, our dominant paradigm is that:

Hard Work You Suffer Through = Money That Makes You Happy

The new paradigm we are moving into is:

Work That Makes You Happy = Money That ALSO Makes You Happy 

In the old paradigm of making money, we would go to an office job and put in our time in exchange for a paycheck. We traded our time hustling and grinding at work for dollars. 

In the old paradigm we would think, “At least I’m going to get money that I can spend how I want.”

It was all about working for someone else who had ‘made it’ in business. We learn this old paradigm from a young age when our parents ask us to do something for an ‘allowance.’ 

In the new paradigm of making money, your soul is in charge. You’re actually not earning money, you’re not creating a business, you’re not doing work. You are doing what you love and expressing yourself. This, in turn, creates a source of income. 

In the new paradigm, you get to be happy while you do the work AND while you invest and spend your money in more loving, abundant, and meaningful ways. 

In the new paradigm we think, “I get to spend my time AND my money how I want!” This is a sacred marriage and union of giving and experiencing joy while being paid for it. It’s a win win paradigm!

Whatever excites you and brings you joy, pleasure, and motivation will put you in the creative space of the new paradigm. Even if you don’t consider yourself ‘creative’ and love little tasks, you get to do those kinds of things, too! It’s all about the energy behind your work.

Not only do you get to bathe in this fulfillment of your dream life in the new paradigm, you also get to do work that creates ripples of light, joy, and happiness in the world. This is what I consider Lightwork.

I believe that we are all Lightworkers of some kind, here to generously give our gifts, and help other people. For me, that looks like working with the angels, creating high vibrational spaces where women awaken to their divine gifts, and dedicating myself to channeling Crystalline energy and wisdom.

I sometimes could it get any better than this?!

Since you’re reading this post from me, I’m willing to bet you’re also a Lightworker.

That you’ve felt a pull to more meaningful, joyful, fulfilling work.

And even if you’ve gotten a small business simply feel that there is more impact you could be making in the world. 

It is an incredible feeling to activate and fully step into expressing your Lightwork gifts and there has never been a better time to really explore this as a career. If we want security, we’ve got to find it in ourselves. Now is the best time to start thinking about how to create this (if you haven’t already).

What would it feel like to do your spiritual work? What would it feel like to give your gifts in a way full of light, deep meaning, and generosity?

I really want to help you make the transition into the new paradigm, into the sacred triad of Lightwork: helping others, making great money, and doing work that you love!

So, how do you get started?

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend taking my FREE Lightworker Archetype Quiz where you’ll find out how to take your next step and thrive in your Lightwork!

Whatever economic ups and downs are happening, you can have all that you need.

Lightwork will take you deep into your soul and just like the creatures deep in the ocean, you’ll feel peace even when there’s a storm. 

With Grace,

Anu x

P.S. Here are those links again:

Click here to take the Lightworker Quiz

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