The Vibrational Secret I Keep Close to My Heart

June 22, 2021

Your personal forcefield is real. 

The space around you ripples with your frequency — emotionally, energetically, and physically. It can actually be measured.

Whatever vibration you emit, becomes your manifestation.

Put another way…

Manifestation is physical evidence of your existing vibration. 

This is why your personal forcefield is so important: when your vibration is higher, your dreams and your desires materialize in the physical plane with so much more ease. Because crystals hold vibrations longer than our bodies do, they can be powerful tools in maintaining the frequencies we want to manifest in our lives.

When I started to wear crystals on my body, I found that my forcefield was deeply nourished and became stronger, clearer, and more magnetic. This was while my life force energy was at an all time low. 

My job was draining and I was a single mom of two small boys going through an awful divorce. There was never enough money, time, or sleep in my life, yet something about the crystals I wore recharged me, grounded me, and kept me going.

The trouble was...I couldn’t keep those crystals close for long!

If you’ve ever tried wearing crystals in your bra, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Not only are your average bras and tops made with unethical production methods they also end up in landfills after a short lifespan. There’s nothing sacred, magical, or uplifting about them. You put them on and you throw them away with very little thought.

What would it feel like to adorn yourself with Crystalline clothing?

How would your goddess life flow if you could wear your crystals in the midst of modern life — at the gym, in your sleep, at work — all without worrying about them falling out and shattering?

There is a manifestation goddess inside of every woman and certainly inside of you.

She deserves to be draped in the finest clothing while her frequency amplifies into the world. You have the power to create the life of your dreams with ease and grace. And I am committed to creating whatever it takes to help you do that.

Right now…

...what I’m creating is the Crystalling Grace clothing line. 

The first item to debut in this line will be the Crystalline Grace bralette that will allow you to tuck crystals close to your heart so that they stay put! Think of it as a way to expand and extend your goddess superpowers, a way to turn up the volume on your inner voice, and a way to supercharge your vibration. 

I am looking for 5-10 women who would like to contribute to the development of this bralette.

The VIP group experience you’ll receive if you say YES to this opportunity will include: 

  • A sacred sisterhood of Crystalline Goddesses
  • Product concepts to give feedback on
  • Private card readings with me

There’s no cost to join the group. 

Just email us to this email and let me and my team know that you’d like to apply to join us for this revolutionary innovation in wearable Crystalline technology. 

In my upcoming Crystalline Oracle deck, there’s a card called sacred beauty and I’d like to leave you with a bit of her wisdom today:

Your radiant inner goddess wants to shine through all your insecurities and perfectly imperfect imperfections. Take care of your body, smile, do your hair and dress up to reveal your divine beauty and charm. You are beautiful. 

No matter where you are in life, you deserve to feel radiant, gorgeous, and like a goddess walking the earth. Whether you’re young or older, just gave birth, are a fitness model, or have a ‘mom bod’... just by being a woman you have earned the right to feel empowered, sexy, and even seductive in a way that feels natural for you. This is the mission of the Crystalline Grace line.

Remember: crystals are your allies, little angels that constantly support and help you achieve your dreams. 

Keep them close. 



P.S. If you missed my crystal origin story from last week’s blog just click here to read.

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