Twin Flames are reuniting

July 2, 2012

Hello everyone,

I have been traveling around Finland the past few weeks giving workshops in different cities as well as spending time with my family! Its really wonderful to be here and Im having such a fantastic time. While I am here I am also still doing my weekly radio show, however its not live but Im doing podcasts until I return. This weeks show is about twin flames




I wanted to do this show on Twin Souls because its something so many people are talking about and thinking about!

It may seem like a new thing, but the knowledge of twin flames is hardly anything new. In the ancient civilization called Atlantis, many twin flames were united and lived many life times simply enjoying the highest form physical human experience in the Golden Age. Also Plato, the great Greek philosopher who lived in Athens about 300-400 before Christ, also talked about twin flames. He said something like this:

And when one of them meets with his other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight even for a moment.”

Twin Souls are one soul divided into masculine and feminine energies, but each of them are whole, complete Beings.

We have certainly known about twin flames for a long time and people have been desperately seeking their twin flame in all relationships. Everytime the relationship falls apart we are disappointed in the other person feeling betrayed they werent what we wanted them to be. The truth is that most humans have not been ready for a succesfull union with our twins until now. All of us arent ready for the now either but more people are now than ever before! Twins have been physically separated for thousands of years, allthough there are expections of course and some twins have been together since the fall of Atlantis as well. Most people who wanted to stay with their twin had to go to other planets where vibration was higher. But many of us Atlantean souls chose to stay here to help us raise our frequnecy again, knowing that we can once again unite with our twins here on Earth and continue our spiritual growth on this planet and help the universe expand. The point is.. our vibration hasnt been high enough, but now as we are ascending our vibration is becoming ready to meet our twin in this lifetime.

Personally I have been seeing my twin flame in my meditations for the past ten years now. At first I didn’t know he was my twin, I hadn’t heard about twin souls then, but he kept telling me that we grow together and we are the same, I always felt a unique connection with my twin whom I used to call Christopher. We shared a beautiful life together in Atlantis and I can’t wait to meet him in person again!

To prepare ourselves for the reunion, we need to undersrtand the burden the thoughts patterns we have about relationships between lovers.. we have taught ourselves to believe the strangest things about love. We have taught ourselves falsely of course that love has something to do with jealousy, abandonment, rejection, betrayal, pain…. but of course, that is not love.. that is our ego acting, talking.. Old fashioned relationships, so called karmic relationships often are full of these traits and end up in even physical, mental of verbal violence. That is of course not love. As long as we keep seeking happiness from the other persona and dont realize that love exists within us, or in fact that we are LOVE, we keep attracting more and more lessons of love until we are ready for an ascended relationship.

But when we finally do meet each other, it will be unlike anything we have experience before in this lifetime and in a LONG time! If you are also interested in meeting your Twin, I am giving a guided meditation in my show THU 12PM and hopefully you can’t join me and do the meditation with me.

Heaven on Earth THU 12PM, changing the way we listen to the world! 

Lots of LOVE!!!

Anu Shi Asta

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