Veggie Soup Kick Start (to 10 day Juice Fast)

March 25, 2012


I’m finally getting started with the fasting! Well..This weekend Saturday and Sunday Im taking the gentle transition to juice fasting.  Ive had such a busy week and a busy day today also and that may be part of the reasons but Im feeling a bit of a headache. It might be partly because my body is used to eating something more solid like bread!! Cant believe I’m already experiencing fasting symptoms!!  lol

So during the transition days Im having carrot juice for breakfast then  veggie soup for lunch and dinner and I also had green juice in the evening.  The soup is really delicious and very simple to make. Everything organic of course:


Potatoes, green onion, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, parsley, celery and vegetable broth. The organic veggie broth was so delicious I really didnt add any other other spices there at all and it was yummy!!

Tomorrow I intend to go to Trader Joes or something to get the veggies for my fasting which begins on MONDAY!! I kind of feel like fasting already.. Im wondering how Ill feel when I dont get to eat the soup!! Just the green juice! Well…. I guess just drinking lots of water! Today I didn’t drink enough water.  1,5 liters of water sounds good!!

Let me know if you are fasting as well or any questions and comments!

Love and Light to you all!!


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