What Does a Crystalline Relationship Really Look Like?

July 15, 2021

We are more connected than ever before through the internet...yet we have fewer deep, meaningful relationships that truly nourish us. It is becoming unavoidable for us to recalibrate our vibrations so that we can navigate our online and offline relationships with more ease, peace, and care. 

Recalibrating our relationships is a key part of the Crystalline Revolution. Without relationships, we cannot create, manifest, or even experience miracles. All human experiences start with relationships. 

Discovering what it means to be visible and present in the digital world will bring us into alignment with making deep connections online. Honoring our intuition, setting sacred boundaries, and deciding what kinds of relationships we want to have will bring us into alignment in all of our relationships. This goes far beyond just the romantic.

It will take an incredible amount of energy to create new paradigm relationships if you aren’t in a Crystalline state of being. 

During our current connection evolution in the Crystalline Revolution, we are crossing the bridge between the old, wounded paradigm of relationships. We are learning how to have beautiful, empowered relationships instead. 

While we walk this bridge, we are forced to face the world of abuse, manipulation, narcissism, deception, and heartbreak that we are getting out of. This means addressing our own fears of inadequacy, codependency, and victimhood so that we can show up in our full power in all of our relationships. 

Not a single one of us is completely enlightened in our relationships, yet we can look ahead, over the bridge, and see a vision for where we are heading.

You can have so much more! What is required of you is simply getting into harmony with the Crystalline way of connecting. 

Where are you feeling drained in your relationships?

What do you desire to feel in your relationships?

In what relationships do you not feel appreciated?

How can you value yourself and set boundaries in your relationships?

What relationships would you like to release in your life?

What relationships would really light you up to add to your life?

We no longer have to rely on others to make us happy or complete us. 

Each connection you make can be rooted in a desire to connect instead of a fear of being alone. Rooting your relationships in abundance will allow you to shift into relationships that are healing and nourishing. These are the kind of relationships that a goddess chooses — they are non-negotiable in her world.

Anyone who is not willing to do their own work and who is not on an ascension path will prove difficult to be in a relationship with when you are following the Crystalline way. This isn’t about perfection or being judgemental of others, it’s about putting yourself in the company of others who share in your commitment to a higher vision of what is possible for humanity. 

Sharing your authentic, high vibrational self in a relationship is what will make you unlimited in your potential, purpose, and prosperity. 

The Crystalline Revolution is bringing soulmates and twin flames together at a rapid speed, and they are not all romantic connections. Collectively, we are tuning in to who our true soul families are and our relationships are going to naturally ascend as we do this. In communities and soul family groups where the Crystalline Revolution is radiant and thriving, we will also be immersed in sisterhood and brotherhood that lights us up! 

As you embrace the work of the Crystalline Revolution, you’ll notice more serendipity in how you meet people, you’ll feel a kindred spirit connection with more people, and you’ll find that relationships take less effort than they did before. 

Our yin and yang, giving and receiving energies become balanced when we’re centered in our own power and raising ourselves into a Crystalline vibration constantly.

Whether you’re working on your intimate relationship, friendships, or even business relationships, Crystalline ascension is key. Take some time today to journal through the questions I’ve shared here and ask the angels to support you as you gain clarity in how to Revolutionize your relationships into sources of nourishment.

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