Episode 41 | Crack the Code On Twin Flames

Old paradigm relationships are on their way out! Divine women and men are craving real growth more than ever before and no longer looking to just open old wounds over and over again with their partners. Today we’re talking about cracking the code to a relationship that is a twin flame co-creation in the new crystalline vibration and 5th dimensional paradigm. If you are not only ready to find your divine partner but also become a divine partner yourself, join us for this magical episode!

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In this episode, we’ll be covering: 

  • How twin flames, twin souls, and twin stars differ from the old karmic relationships we’ve created in our past [1:32]
  • What it looks like to shift out of sharing your wounds and create a relationship that mirrors your own high vibration [9:01]
  • Rising above bitterness, judgement, and criticism of your partner so you can love and enjoy them without trying to change them or make them happy [10:12]
  • The best place to find the twin flame you deeply crave [12:05]
  • What to do if you feel your twin flame hasn’t incarnated on earth or has abandoned you [18:38]
  • Is the twin flame bond forever unbreakable between you and only one other person? [23:46]

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