Episode 42 | Sacred Love Union (part 2)

In this continuing conversation on the topic of twin flames we cover the signs and signals to watch for that will help you to know if you’ve met your twin flame, or just sparked a yummy romance. Not every love is a twin flame and even the feeling that someone ‘completes’ you isn’t necessarily an indicator that you’re entering a sacred union. In fact, in this episode you’ll learn how a twin flame is a divine reflection of the work you’ve done (or need to do on) your own crystalline vibration.

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In this episode, we’ll be covering: 

  • The FIRST sign that you’re creating a twin flame connection with your love [3:38]
  • Strange life story synchronicities that might mean you’re entering a sacred twin flame union [5:46]
  • The separation that most twin flames experience and [12:48]
  • Misconceptions about twin flame connections and how to prepare now to fully receive them into your life [16:27]
  • Supernatural signals that you’ve connected with your twin flame to watch for [17:49]

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