Episode 1 | Visualize Your Dreams! Raise the Frequency!

Crystalline One,

Have you truly allowed yourself to dream BIG lately?

There’s something about stretching yourself beyond what you think is possible that activates your highest potential. That something is the Crystalline frequency of the 5th dimension.

It is in the 5th dimensional high vibrational frequency where you are your authentic true self; calling in your soul’s and heart’s desires; allowing the universe to support you in the most beautiful way making your dreams come true.

When you go beyond your fears and the comfort zone of the 3rd dimension, you shift out of scarcity and limitation into a sacred vibration—the Crystalline vibration.

Sometimes just conjuring your dreams is the most challenging thing to do because of all your pre-programmed ideas about what your dreams should be.

You might even find that you’re holding on to dreams that your parents instilled in you or dreams that the media and culture have told you are “right” for you.

In order to gain clarity on what YOUR highest vision is, you get to push yourself past these illusions, stop settling for less, and allow yourself to dream big, really big!

Reach higher! You can do this! I believe in you! The angels believe in you!

Whatever scarcity you may be feeling in your life, whatever you’re having to deal with right now… I’m here to remind you that what you deserve is to live your most amazing life.

Join me in this podcast and let’s take some time to set our intentions together...

I’m sending you beams of this Crystalline vibration right now along with the moon, the earth, the sun, the stars. We are in a beautiful crystalline universe right now! Earth is ascending, and the universe is expanding.

We are capable of more.

We have chosen to be warriors of light.

We are here to bathe in this crystalline light and amplify our dreams.

In the Crystalline Goddess Academy where I teach my students how to take this work even deeper, women are sharing their experiences constantly saying, “Oh, NOW things are really starting to move! My life is unfolding in incredible ways!” And the stories just get better every day!

Keep your eyes open; in the next couple of months you’ll be hearing more about how you can join in the Crystalline Goddess Academy, too! Until then you can RAISE your life into the Crystalline frequency of the 5th dimension by joining my FREE sacred community here: CLICK TO JOIN.

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