Episode 2 | Atlantean Tips For Creating Sacred Home Vibration

Crystalline One,

When you look around your environment right now, does it match the glorious Crystalline vibration you’re beginning to create within yourself?

As you slowly scan this space you’re in, do you see little parts of your soul mirrored back to you? The places within that you’ve upgraded and the ones that still need a bit of care?

Maybe you’re living in an older apartment or home that you haven’t made the move out of yet. Maybe your furniture is from a past season of life where things didn’t feel as dreamy as they do today.

The physical things around us can take a little longer to manifest than the inner changes because even though we are in a 5th dimensional frequency, our world is still a physical 3rd dimensional reality.

GOOD NEWS — there are still very powerful ways that you can create an Atlantean, Crystalline vibration in your home. (You can modify these tips for any space you’re in, of course!)

The reason I believe your home, in particular, is so important is that it is the hub of your most important activities and relationships. It’s where you have big belly laughs with your children, dinners around the family table, and create a sacred sexual connection with your lover.

Your home is an extension of your energy. It is a place to be honored with the highest frequency possible.

You can start visualizing your ideal home today and start bringing that energy into your space.

Then, in no time, you will find yourself living in that place and the vibration of your magnificent dream home.

The two tips I want to share with you today are not about protecting your space out of fear — that is NOT the Atlantean way!

When you protect your space with these energetic tips what you’re really doing is affirming the safety and light energy of your space. This way, you maintain and nurture the energy of your space instead of bringing a vibration of fear into it!

We’re going to start with your front door...watch the video below to hear the two potent rituals I recommend to upgrade the frequency of your space!

Hop on over to the Crystalline Goddess facebook community {FREE TO JOIN!}, and share a picture with us of your new crystal arrangements or another Crystalline upgrade you’ve made to your environment. We’d love to celebrate with you!

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