Episode 3 | Reclaim Your Goddess Power - Reawaken The Divine Feminine

Gorgeous Goddess,

Your goddess power is taking a little nap within you, isn’t it?

Without a doubt, I know you’ve connected with my work because you are a woman who is ready to reawaken her goddess power.

We are so used to thinking that life is about struggle that we must come together with other Crystalline Goddesses to remember and return to our home together. The home within each one of us and the vibrational home we create together that is full of support for us to THRIVE.

You no longer need to survive and think small about life, my love. I’m here to help you break free from that old paradigm. Rise up from that low vibration and into your goddess power!

There is a global shift happening right now from the inside of each one of us, out. YES, you are a vital part of that shift! As we join together, the energy of the planet literally changes.

Because these shifts can bring up a lot of intense feelings that aren’t so easy to deal with, we must allow ourselves to be supported and not try to go it alone!

This is the new paradigm and vibration — one of Atlantean love and community.

Join me in the podcast below to hear more about how to navigate reclaiming YOUR goddess power!

It’s time to reconnect with our highest purpose and light. We are here to experience greater physical and spiritual health and wellbeing, to radiate our goddess power out into the world, helping everyone by shining our own light.

What does it mean to live like a Crystalline Goddess?

It means living in fulfillment in every area of your life.

“Yes, Anu; I know. I’m getting there! I want to feel fulfillment!”

Let’s be honest, fulfillment just feels like another meaningless woo-woo word sometimes! When we detach from the true meaning of fulfillment we know that there is actually resistance to owning that which is our birthright and power. We aren’t sure that’s really TRUE!

“Oh, I know some people live in fulfillment, but what about me? My life feels so small!”

My dear, no one else is more special or divinely chosen to experience fulfillment than you.

When you expand into this knowledge that you are completely worthy of being fulfilled, anything is possible.

Imagine what that would FEEL like; the pleasure, connection, and flow you would feel in complete fulfillment in every area of your life.

Imagine living an orgasmic life every day!

Imagine being ravished by the greatest love of all!

Let us gods and goddesses rise up and rule this world with love!


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