Episode 4 | Create An Energetic Breakthrough Year - Manifesting Goals

Gorgeous Goddess,

This year has just a few months left in it, but there’s still plenty of time for you to welcome in a BREAKTHROUGH!

I hope you will join me in this incredible adventure of breaking through to the version of you that is a Crystalline Goddess.

What is YOUR Crystalline breakthrough all about?

Let’s take a moment to really look at your life. What do you truly want to see?

Do you want to enter a sacred love relationship where you feel so nourished, so loved, so inspired?

Do you want to create a financial breakthrough so you no longer have to cry over your bills and feel like there’s never enough? How would it feel to breakthrough and feel money flowing in from multiple directions at once?

Do you want to create a healing breakthrough in your physical body?

Think about what you want to create. Be VERY specific. This clarity will give you the inspiration and motivation you need to manifest it!

There is so much we can accomplish when we really set clear intentions to create that breakthrough that we feel on the inside and so desire.

In the Crystalline Goddess Academy we create incredible breakthroughs all the time. It’s your divine birthright to do the same, gorgeous soul!


Next week I’m hosting a FREE workshop that will show you the only 3 secret rituals you need for manifesting healing, money & love.


When you join us live, you’ll be instantly immersed in the Crystalline vibration where anything is possible. This is a healing workshop where you’ll join me and sacred sisters all around the country to bring love and light in deep service to the planet.

Whether you decide to join me in the Academy after the workshop or not (though I certainly would love to see you there), you’ll walk away with a deep understanding of the only 3 sacred rituals you must use to start your Crystalline Goddess adventure.

Listen in to the podcast below to hear more about manifesting your goals and what we’ll be covering in this free workshop:

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