Episode 5 | Your Twin Flame Is Here... Are You Rejecting Them?

Gorgeous Goddess,

If you’ve been following my videos for a while, you’ve heard me talk about twin flame relationships, and you know I have a bit of an unconventional view on them.

You may have heard that you only have one twin flame or been told that you passed up the opportunity and it will never come again.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Shifting out of this limited view of sacred, high vibrational relationships is key to our ascension. In fact, I even like to change the label of them so we can stop thinking about them as a once in a lifetime, with only one person, opportunity. I’ve started to use the term ‘twin star’ to refer to these divine connections.

These unions are becoming more and more common because we are collectively raising our vibration. It is now more available than ever for you to enter a sacred love union of twin stars with full conscious awareness of what you are creating.

When you come together with another beloved and conscious soul, both are willing and desire to come together to experience this union of oneness in love. This is truly a joint creation and not a universal accident. Twin star unions are healthy, successful relationships, not tragic cosmic love stories!

Twin stars share a love that is greater than any other force in this universe. When this union is formed you come together with your partner in so much love that the energy literally shakes this world and the paradigm structures of love.

The effects of twin star love are not just on the couple but ripple out to everyone on the planet! This is a part of our ascension process right now. It’s time for love to overcome all obstacles.

Together, twin stars will have to face a lot of fears and challenges. Maybe they have done a lot of work on themselves and raising their frequency, but this union always surprises with its force and magnitude. This very spiritual connection pulls out fears and insecurities. Whatever you have not dealt with yet will be reflected in the other person so that you can do this deep work together.

I don’t believe that twin stars are one soul that was once divided, because we are creators! We are manifesting gods and goddesses who have the power to create this type of union with another conscious, sacred soul who is ready to do massive energy work on this planet.

Your happiness is not dependent on another soul; rather, you are consciously creating your experience of reality and relationships.

Do you know anyone who doesn’t want to be ravished by love? It feels so divine! It is calling us! It is one of many parts of your ascension journeys to unify with another being so that you can expand into this universe.

Do you want to stay in the victimhood of old paradigm relationships, or are you ready to awaken to your highest potential and experience the most divine love that there is in this world?

Do you have the courage to allow this union to enter your being? Because it is beginning within you already. Join me in this video to hear more about how you can create this divine union in your life.

Many Blessings,
Anu Grace

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