Episode 6 | Letting Go With Love - 3 Tips

Gorgeous Goddess,

I recently mentioned how 2018 is a year of retrogrades. Clearing out the past and letting go are HUGE themes right now on the planet!

Stories about relationships shifting, new love breaking up, and even deaths of loved ones have been rampant lately! It is so important to really understand that these retrogrades are here to support you, not sabotage you, so you can shift your perspective of letting go and use it to fuel your ascension.

Ideas of who you are and what your life is supposed to look like must be reprogrammed to align to a new vibration. The vision you’re holding of what your life is going to look like in the future can be released from the experience of struggle and soul torture!

If you’re going through this right now, I want to give you a big hug and send you so much love and the help of the angels! If you’re in the middle of letting go, let the angels hold you, help you, guide you, and lift some of your pain.

We’re here to learn and grow on this physical plane, so we can find the love and light vibration. We are also here to learn to let go. This is one of the biggest challenges of human experience.

Letting go is a part of our everyday life. People come and go. Homes come and go. Ages come and go. Decades come and go. Ideas about our future come and go. Relationships come and go.

Ultimately at the end of our physical experience, we are looking at letting go of the identity of who we think we are based on the life we have lived. The ultimate letting go is death, and we know that death is just a transition. In truth, every little letting go that we experience in life is simultaneously a small death and a birth of possibilities.

Even though we have had these retrograde experiences of challenges in romantic situations and with dear loved ones, we can soften these parts of the journey moving forward.

Moving on and letting go after something traumatic can feel difficult even when you are on a spiritual journey, talking to angels, and know the universe has your back. Human life gives you experiences where you need to go within and look at what you are holding on to that is creating this difficulty and struggle. This allows you to see what you need to release.

Can you release the anxiety and anguish?

Can you release the bitterness you are holding on to?

Can you shift into forgiveness and let go?

The more you are in the light, the more you know that you are protected and safe.

I believe you can learn to let go without becoming wounded and traumatized when something really big happens in your physical life. There are ways you can lighten your burden and do this in a more gentle, aligned way. Join me in this podcast today to learn about upgrading this cycle so that you can experience a Crystalline birth with every letting go.

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