Episode 7 | Can Money Be Divine? New Money Frequency Is Here!

Hello Gorgeous Goddess!

I’ve just wrapped up my Divine Money Manifesting class with my Golden Goddesses in the Crystalline Goddess Academy. My cells are still vibrating in this abundant frequency, and I wanted to send this transmission to you today, too!

So many of us have old paradigms that create unnecessary money drama in our lives. It’s time to take an honest look at how they’re holding you back.

Your conditioned thoughts from the past reinforce a 3rd dimensional way of relating to money. When you think that it isn’t spiritual for us to have money, hold the belief that money is the source of all evil, and even repeat cliche phrases like “money doesn’t grow on trees” you practice relating to money in a way that is filled with lack and scarcity.

It is my sheer JOY to let you in on this secret...there is a MUCH more free and divine way of experiencing the flow of money. The good news is that the flow does NOT start with your boss or your clients...it starts with YOU, and you are the one person you can shift, change, and open up to truly divine abundance.

Join me as I talk about exactly how to activate your own divine money frequency. Take just 13 minutes today, and soak every cell of your being in this energetic transmission with me, love!

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