Episode 8 | Golden Atlantean Frequency To Manifesting Anything You Desire

Crystalline One,

If I told you that I had the secret to the ONE thing you need to DO to have absolutely anything you dream of — a million dollars, a soul mate union, your dream business — would you want it?

Of course you would!

We are deeply programmed to want to know what we can DO to make things happen in our life.

There’s just one huge problem with this...true, instant, miraculous manifestation never comes from the DOING; it comes from your BEING.

Today I want to really dig into what it means for you to BE in the Crystalline vibration. How do you get there? How do you feel into that? How do you allow that to change the very DNA in the cells of your body?

Not only will I reveal this in today’s podcast, I’ll also walk you through a sacred activation meditation so that you can begin to really tap in to living the Crystalline way right now.

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