Episode 10 | The Secret to Feeling Creative Flow

Hello, Gorgeous Goddess!

January is almost over...can you believe it?!

While I was spending the holidays with family in Finland, I had the opportunity to host a profound meditation workshop that reminded me of the importance of designing your life around your deepest desires and most important dreams.

I worked on my birthday to host this workshop, and honestly, it was the best birthday gift I could have imagined. My commitment to this work comes from my heart and soul. It is what I am here to teach, and it brings such a radiant joy to my life. Of course experiencing the power of the crystalline shift is what I would want for my birthday!

We have all done so much soul searching and deep inner work in 2018, but this new year is going to be so much lighter and easier.

As we have this sense that it is okay to commit to our dreams, that we are supported, that the way is well lit and lush, it’s important that we don’t get stuck in daydream land and miss out on taking action.

Rise up this year, and stop waiting!

If you need help with staying focused, this podcast episode is here for you!

In this week’s episode of the Crystalline Goddess Podcast I’ve shared stories of my Christmas and New Year with you — full of dreams manifested, time with family in snowy Finland, and a powerful shift I felt with my students hosting an in person meditation workshop on my birthday!

Join me to learn more about what it takes to lock in your frequency of non-negotiable dreams and your best year yet.

X Anu Grace

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