Episode 13 | Manifesting From Desire

Did you know...there are secret codes in your energy?

They are your signature vibration — the energy waves you send out to the universe on a regular basis that shape the way you experience reality, your emotions, and your relationships.

These vibrations are magnetic.

They emanate from you and then bring back what you want...but there’s a catch:

If you’re sending out vibrations based on energetic debris from yesterday, years ago, childhood, or even past lives, then you’re not manifesting from your true heart’s desire.

Since we live in a vibrational universe, I find that doing the work on your own vibration is FAR more important that trying to conjure up visions of material possessions or, worse yet, hustling to try and force things to manifest into your life.

We all want material manifestations, of course…but when you are truly aligned in your vibration you can manifest anything with ease.

Your spiritual experiences, thoughts, and emotions have the ability to alter and rewire your signature vibration, the default energy you manifest from...so this is a crucial awareness to develop as you ascend and shift into the Crystalline way.

Join me on the Crystalline Goddess Podcast today for episode #13, where we cover the steps I take to manifest consistently, with ease, and in total vibrational alignment with soul wisdom.

Remember: there’s always another level of joy and bliss to reach. You can’t be too greedy with love, joy, and ecstasy in whatever form you want to manifest that in!

Let your desires flow from your heart, start paying attention to your frequency, and join me on the Crystalline Goddess podcast for energetic exercise to boost your vibrational vitality!

Wishing you a high vibrational week!

X Anu

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