Episode 14 | Using Sexual Energy to Manifest and Raise Frequency

Hello Gorgeous Goddess!

While preparing for my Golden Money Goddess Class today I felt compelled to spend a moment of awakening and arousing creative power, with you.

For thousands of years, the power of feminine sexuality has been overlooked. As women we feel ashamed of our sexuality and have silenced our inner sexual goddess. The sexual blocks we hold in our bodies come from being labeled cheap, slutty, and dirty for expressing our sexual shine!

It’s time for us to move out of our limited thinking that sex is only about making babies. The pleasure you experience sexually can be channeled to create anything in your life.

So, let’s talk about DRY, commonplace manifesting techniques. Are you as bored with them as I am?

Popular manifesting techniques lack one crucial element that makes creating your dreams absolutely juicy....


Sexual energy is the quickest and most passionate way for us to create our dreams. Women who are tapped into sexual energy know that sex and sexuality are not dirty or wrong, but a sacred, holy, and beautiful energy.

There are three main ways that we can tap into his creative life force energy: meditation/visualization, solo sex, and through making love to a trusted partner.

Tap into the powerful energy of your sexual goddess within to supercharge these dreams!

If you have a partner, think about having manifesting sex sessions together!

If you’re solo right now, making love to yourself can be just as amazing.

There’s no limit to the deep healing that sexual energy can open us up to!

Join me today on this week’s episode of the Crystalline Goddess Podcast as I show you the three steps you need to take to begin really using your sexual energy to manifest your dreams.