Episode 19 | Remedies for Manifestation Failures!

Even if you’ve read The Secret and think you know everything about the Law of Attraction, you might still struggle with manifestation occasionally! I’ll admit there’s something I’ve been struggling to manifest for the past few YEARS, and I’ll reveal to you what that is in this episode. We’ll wrap up this magical episode with a divine meditation process to clear fear from your aura and call in Crystalline clarity, so you can manifest with sacred intention and divine support. Join us, Goddess!

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In this episode, we’ll be covering:

  • The manifestation I’ve been struggling to get off the ground for years
  • How stalled manifestations can actually serve your creativity
  • When manifestation isn’t working… what it means for you to GET to work
  • The secret to manifesting 24/7
  • How yesterday’s vibration impacts your creations and frequency today
  • What your life is mirroring when you can’t seem to manifest
  • Using failure and fear to fuel your creativity, dreams, and desires
  • Guaranteeing your manifesting success even when your visions aren’t reality
  • Is either failure inevitable when it comes to your manifestations?
  • Deeply evaluating what you truly want
  • What the universe does when you’re wobbling in your intentions
  • What it really takes to generate unstoppable achievement
  • A divine meditation process to clear fear from your aura and call in Crystalline clarity!

I look forward to seeing you in The Crystalline Goddess group where I’ll be sharing free pop-up healing sessions, angelic rituals, and Atlantean education. You’ll also enjoy access to a sacred sisterhood of women who are on their own healing journey and are eager to cheer you on and celebrate your arrival. Join the community here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/crystallinegoddess/  

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