Episode 25 | How to Connect with Your Angels

During the birth of my son, a nurse walked into the room with a mysterious smile on her face. Her eyes beamed compassion and love. Instantly, the pain I was experiencing from my labor vanished. When I glanced back in her direction she was gone. That encounter is one I credit to the angels! I could have spent hours on this podcast episode just sharing stories about my experiences with angels, but I wanted to show you how to connect with them yourself, so let’s go!

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In this episode, we’ll be answering these FAQs about angels:

  • Are angels Christian? (0:49)
  • What reward do angels get for helping me? (2:19)
  • Can angels help with physical issues that are more than our emotions? (3:51)
  • How do angels show up in the physical realm? (9:54)
  • Is it possible to become too dependent on angels? (12:03)
  • Do I have to be psychic to communicate with angels? (16:46)
  • Can’t the angels help me on their own? Why do I have to ask? (21:24)
  • Can we ask for too much and bother the angels? (26:47)
  • How can I take my communication with angels to the next level? (34:32)

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