Episode 26 | Atlantean Food for a Crystalline Light Body

I thought I must have gotten glitter stuck to my hands...but the shimmer, glow, and sparkle I spotted on my skin a few days before I recorded this podcast haven’t gone away...and is now covering my entire body! In this episode of the Crystalline Goddess Podcast, I’m sharing one of the most potent ways you can shift your body into a higher frequency and create radiant, shimmering health like mine through Atlantean eating and high-vibrational healing foods!

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If you enjoy this episode and it inspires you in some way, I’d love to hear about your biggest takeaway. You can leave a review in iTunes, which is always appreciated, or head over to the Facebook group and share your ‘Aha!’ moments with us there.

In this episode, we’ll be covering:

  • How to spot physical evidence of your DNA shifting from carbon to crystalline (0:30)
  • Understanding how to charge our crystalline bodies as we ascend through human evolution and are able to hold more light to manifest easily (7:00)
  • What it means to crystallize our bodies from the inside out...and an answer to a listener’s question: “Will we just eat air and light some day?” (10:51)
  • Finding divine food for your body and soul through creating a quality eating experience that you can enjoy without any shame, heaviness, or habitual eating (14:55)
  • Should you be vegan like the Atlanteans? Different bodies have different needs, and I’ll share with you the two components that are most important as you transmute the energy of your food to a higher frequency (17:49)
  • Creating a high vibrational relationship with your food and eating the rainbow every day to activate a full spectrum of crystalline light energy in every chakra center in your body (24:15)

I look forward to seeing you in The Crystalline Goddess group where I’ll be sharing free pop-up healing sessions, angelic rituals, and Atlantean education. You’ll also enjoy access to a sacred sisterhood of women who are on their own healing journey and are eager to cheer you on and celebrate your arrival. Join the community here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/crystallinegoddess/

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