Episode 27 | Meditation Demystified!

In this episode of the Crystalline Goddess podcast I’m sharing with you a few very simple steps to making meditation a regular practice in your life. Most people are stuck in a rut trying to DO meditation. The funny thing about meditation is you have to surrender to meditation more than you have to do it! Meditation, even 5 minutes a day, has the power to open up new dimensions of manifesting to you. Will you allow it?

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If you enjoy this episode and it inspires you in some way, I’d love to hear about your biggest takeaway. You can leave a review in iTunes, which is always appreciated, or head over to the Facebook group and share your ‘Aha!’ moments with us there.

In this episode, we’ll be covering:

  • Creating a solid foundation for your dream life with the one thing that’s real in this universe 3:40
  • Simplifying your life with clear priorities 4:30
  • When you have a million things to do, try this to lighten your load, slow time down, and get more done 5:45
  • The unconscious affirmations and mantras that are sabotaging your dream life 13:40
  • The difference between doing meditation and surrendering to it 23:45
  • Meditation is a holographic, multi-dimensional experience...anything is possible in meditation 28:15
  • Using a crystal with your meditation practice 31:40

I look forward to seeing you in The Crystalline Goddess group where I’ll be sharing free pop-up healing sessions, angelic rituals, and Atlantean education. You’ll also enjoy access to a sacred sisterhood of women who are on their own healing journey and are eager to cheer you on and celebrate your arrival. Join the community here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/crystallinegoddess/

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