Episode 28 | Yoni Healing & Conscious Pleasure

Living your most angelic life can be sexy, too! Spirituality in our culture is often seen as this pure, innocent, and light energy. We’re taught that anything intense or human or primal is bad and wrong...when it’s not! On the Crystalline Goddess Podcast this week, I dove deep into all of the most common causes of blocked sexual energy and how to begin your healing journey gently with this precious energy so that you can manifest with it, shame-free!

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In this episode, we’ll be covering:

  • Why I use the word yoni instead of vagina [0:43]
  • How reincarnation can sabotage your sensual pleasure and creative power [3:10]
  • Why you should never say YES to sex when you really mean NO! [6:41]
  • How to release the blocks keeping you from experiencing orgasm [11:10]
  • Letting go of the old masculine-focused paradigm of sex [15:17]
  • Attracting a divine man with your yoni power...no dating games required! [17:41]
  • Using crystals in yoni healing through releasing trauma energy [29:18]

I look forward to seeing you in The Crystalline Goddess group where I’ll be sharing free pop-up healing sessions, angelic rituals, and Atlantean education. You’ll also enjoy access to a sacred sisterhood of women who are on their own healing journey and are eager to cheer you on and celebrate your arrival. Join the community here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/crystallinegoddess/  

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