Episode 29 | Moonstruation Period Power!

Is your moon time just an annoyance in your book? Painful? Emotional? Just a surprise that’s going to ruin your beach vacation? In this episode of the Crystalline Goddess Podcast I’m sharing Goddess secrets to tuning into the moon with your menstrual cycle. I’m calling you to rise today into a new paradigm with your period. Let’s claim the mystery of our feminine bodies together, manifest our dreams, and bring fulfillment into our lives with this secret superpower we get to experience monthly!

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In this episode we’ll be covering:

  • Aligning your menstruation with the moon cycle to activate your inner Moon Goddess! [1:30]
  • Reducing menstrual pain and easing menopause symptoms with simple syncing [4:36]
  • How to find out if your body syncs best with the new or full moon (Psst...there’s no wrong way to sync with the moon) [14:51]
  • Sacred sleep habits for moon syncing [19:35]  
  • Understanding the moon cycles to keep your intentions for manifesting crystal clear [22:58]  
  • How to move through intense emotions during the full moon phase [26:00]  
  • How to know what the moon is asking you so that you can exponentially expand and empower your magic [30:00]

I look forward to seeing you in The Crystalline Goddess group where I’ll be sharing free pop-up healing sessions, angelic rituals, and Atlantean education. You’ll also enjoy access to a sacred sisterhood of women who are on their own healing journey and are eager to cheer you on and celebrate your arrival. Join the community here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/crystallinegoddess/  

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