Episode 31 | Magic with the Angels and Auras with Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and Elisabeth Nordeng

Today I have a special treat for you — a summertime throwback, if you will! We’re kicking off a series of podcasts you’ll find sprinkled through summer here, sharing a few of the most potent interviews I've ever done. Today I have two very special guests on the show, Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and Elisabeth Nordeng. If you’ve ever wondered if you’re the only ‘crazy’ one out there talking to angels and playing with your aura energy — this episode is for you!

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In this interview, we’ll be covering: 

  • How angel sisters meet even when the odds are stacked against them [5:21] 
  • Childhood clairvoyance, motherhood activations, and the blossoming of two spiritual teachers [7:27]
  • How a princess becomes a spiritual goddess through trials and public judgment [16:06] 
  • More about the angel school in Norway and Märtha and Elisabeth’s bestselling book, The Spiritual Password [25:14]
  • The scoop on the most important spiritual tool Märtha and Elisabeth have found in their work together [27:19]
  • Keys to listening to the heart as the secret to your spiritual energy flow [37:42]
  • Discover if you (or your children) are indigo or crystal children...and what that means for your dream life [38.49]


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