Episode 33 | Meet Your Guardian Angel and Activate Your Heart Wisdom with Stewart Pearce

It’s time to release overwhelm and welcome in the support of the angels more deeply, goddess! My guest today, Stewart Pearce, and the angels of Atlantis are here to share their angelic messages and inspiration with you! Stewart is a legendary sound healer, seer, and angel medium and the author of Angels of Atlantis and The Keys to Paradise, as well as the creator of angel oracle decks. At the end of the show, we have a special gift meditation for you that you won’t want to miss. 

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In this interview, we’ll be covering: 

  • Ditching religious dogma and making the transition to spiritual sovereignty [3:38]
  • Why the angels have a stronger presence on Earth than ever before [7:24]
  • How to draw the angels more deeply into your life and bridge the gap between your heart and head, the mundane and the divine [16:50]  
  • Accessing heart wisdom 24/7 to receive rich, intuitive answers to any of life’s questions [17:25]  
  • How Stewart sees heaven on earth and how he relates to guardian angels [21:54]
  • Understanding the molecules of emotions and isolation to re-activate Atlantean angelic wisdom [29:46]
  • A special gift meditation with Stewart to release energetic tension and create a deep connection with your guardian angel and the sacred energetic realms [33:11]


Stewart’s books mentioned on the podcast:

Angels and the Keys to Paradise: Ancient Egyptian Ascension Codes to Open Your Door to Heaven 

The Angels of Atlantis: Twelve Mighty Forces to Transform Your Life Forever 

Angel Heart Sigils: Mystical Symbols from the Angels of Atlantis 

Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards: Receive Inspiration and Healing from the Angelic Kingdoms 

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