Episode 34 | 3D to 5D with the Archangels with Diana Cooper

Have you ever wondered what our ascension from the 3rd dimension to the 5th will actually look like on Earth? Or felt curious about the karmic energy of your entire home country? Or even the planet? Today I have with me Diana Cooper, a world renowned lecturer, healer, the creator of oracle card decks, meditation albums, and the best selling author of many books including her newest book co-written with Tim Whild, the Archangel Guide to Ascension: 55 Steps to the Light. 

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In this episode, we’ll be covering: 

  • How to use the Archangel gold and silver diamond flame to heal the planet [5:12]
  • What our ascension from the 3rd to the 5th dimension might look like on Earth [9:50]
  • The most powerful daily tools you can use to access higher consciousness and activate your 12 chakras [13:19]
  • Using nature and your aura to activate and send high frequency energy out into the world [20:41]
  • What it means to never age and how activating our DNA can counteract the human aging process [24:38]
  • How to help lift the vibration of America even if the karmic energy feels heavy and burdensome to you [37:37]
  • A special channeled message from Archangel Gabriel [43:21]


The Archangel Guide to Ascension

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