Episode 37 | Finding Your Inner Psychic with Jamie Dawn

In this episode, Jamie Dawn, an expert astrologer, life coach, radio host, and staff director of Nine Gate’s Esoteric Program, joins us to dive into the topic of revolutionizing your spiritual path. Jamie believes that life should be experienced through the lens of your heart and in this interview we explore what that looks like on earth at this time. You won’t want to miss Jamie’s report on the energy of our recent eclipses, the Lion’s gate portal that is now open, and what lies ahead in 2020!

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In this episode, I’ll be covering: 

  • Jamie’s journey in conscious uncoupling and kind life transitions [8:37]
  • Enchantments of the professional psychic world that aren’t as glam as they sound [11:04]
  • How can we balance being our own goddess with receiving psychic guidance from another person? [13:51]
  • Finding spiritual belonging and trusted mentors so that you can experience what you want to teach as as spiritual advisor, psychic, and guide [22:25]
  • Training like a spiritual dojo to meet every moment with your full presence [36:21]
  • The major shifts in consciousness we’re experiencing in 2019 and 2020 with time and letting go of forcefully controlling our reality [45:01] 
  • Creating a meditative practice that keeps your mind and intentions out of ego [55:40]


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